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High Energy Automatic Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degausser with Erasure Log Software

Key Features:

•Single pass fully automatic operation
•Over 250 drives erased per hour
•Complete erasure of hard drives and tapes
•Processor controlled operation for failsafe erasure
•Effective on longitudinal & perpendicular hard drives
•Log software printable reports show:
Processing Company
Degausser Model & Serial No Media owner
Operator / Supervisor Name
Media information
Degaussing information

•One years Warranty, extendable on request
•Lifetime Technical Support
•A trusted brand – innovators and manufacturers of data destroyer solutions for over 30 years

The DATAGONE LG is a fully automatic degausser for Hard Disks and Backup tapes with a unique Erasure Log Software. It uses pulse discharge technology and is fully processor controlled which enables the DATAGONE to offer a complete and secure erase on magnetic media.

The Erasure Log Software records all operating and degaussing information which can be saved and printed, giving hard copy evidence of complete erasure for reporting and auditing purposes.

Media that can be degaussed includes Hard Drives that use both perpendicular and vertical recording techniques, and most common backup tapes including DLT, LTO, 8mm, DDS and more. The DATAGONE LG generates a powerful magnetic field and in less than a second completely erases the complete data from Hard Drives and Backup Tapes.

The DATAGONE LG is a fully automatic table top mounted unit. It can be used stand alone or, if connected to a PC or laptop via USB cable, it can be used in conjunction with the Erasure Logging Software which will log all the information related to the erasure and provide a printed report if required. The information logged includes details of the: processing company (including the operator and supervisor); media owner; degausser machine type; serial number, part number and size of the Hard Drive or Tape.

Information is entered onto the software via keyboard or optional barcode scanner to speed up the data entry if required. When the logging program has been opened on the PC and the DATAGONE LG is connected, the operator simply clicks on the "Find Machine" button for all the unit details to be automatically entered into the log including model, serial number and firmware version. The DATAGONE LG display will show it is in remote mode controlled by the PC. Further data regarding operator, customer and media is then entered via keyboard (or optional barcode scanner).

When utilising the Erasure Log Software simply slide the hard drive into the aperture on the left hand side of the unit. The unit senses the presence of the media and the degauss cycle starts automatically. The erasure is commenced by clicking the "Destroy" button on the screen which activates the charging of the powerful degaussing magnetic field. When the degauss cycle is complete, the hard drive is released and exits from the degausser on the right hand side.

Throughout the entire degauss cycle the on-board processor monitors the procedure and progress messages are displayed on the LCD panel. The entire erasure process takes approximately 8 seconds. The operator is immediately alerted to any interruptions in the cycle by messages on the screen.

The lower portion of the screen now shows all the details of the erasure including date, time, Media Serial Number, Capacitor Voltage, Magnetic Gauss Field and confirmation that the media was degaussed successfully. If this data is highlighted and the print button pressed all the details on the screen along with all the data entered will be printed as a report. As new media is erased the details will be added to the Media Processed Log in the lower half of the screen. By highlighting erase records, the logs of one or more can be printed as required.

There is a Supervisor Section in the Software which is Password protected. This allows the Supervisor to decide which fields are required and which fields must be completed by the Operator. The log record is stored in the PC and can be archived at any time or exported as a .csv file.

The DATAGONE LG comes with software for installation onto a PC or Laptop with easy to follow instructions. An optional barcode scanner is available for easier input.


Media Handling:

3.5", 2.5" & 1.8" hard drives. 5000 Oe Longitudinal & perpendicular recording. DLT, S-DLT, LTO1,2,3,4 & 5; 3480/3490/3490e, 3590, 9840 & T9940 & T10000 tape; Ultrium & Redwood SD-3 tape & cartridges; Mammoth 1 & 2, 8mm, AIT1 & 2,M2 tape; DDS 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, DD-2 & DFT-1 & 2.

Apeture Size:
1.1” x 4.3” (2.79cm x 10.92cm)

Power Supply: 100-120 VAC, 208-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
(Please specify Voltage and Frequency when ordering)

Current Rating:
50Hz 5 Amps, 60Hz 9 Amps Typical

Degaussing Force:
10,000 max gauss

Cycle Time:
8 seconds typical

Dimensions (WxHxD):
14.3" x 29.1" x 19.5" - (36cm x 48cm x 36cm)

Packed Dimensions (WxHxD):
19.5" x 29.1" x 19.5" - (50cm x 74cm x 50cm)

Unit Weight:
64lbs (29kg)

Packed Weight:
75lbs (34kg)

200 hard drives in one continuous session, Up to 275 hard drives in the first hour

On/Off Power switch, Reset button

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3 or higher (32-bit only)

Bi Universal Serial Bus. 2.0 Full Speed (USB)

12 months back to base, all parts & labour included. Extended warranties also available


We reserve the right to amend all specifications without notice.

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